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Migrating to Social Media

Posted by Eric Ingram on March 10, 2016 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (183)

As it can probably be seen, I don't use the blog very much on this website. I will eventually phase it out entirely and remove it from the website, but I'll wait a while.

To help with this transition, please follow my social media accounts:

Facebook -


Twitter - @Eric_Ingram -

Hopefully there are no difficulties in this transition and I hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone.

Thank you all,


My 1st Season as a Texan

Posted by Eric Ingram on March 25, 2014 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (7)

Well the rugby season has come to an end and I can say without any doubt in my mind that it has been the best one I've ever had. We came into the season with nothing on our minds other than making it to nationals and having success there. We competed in 5 regular season tournaments, with each one bringing more and more successes, ending with a regular season record of 23-3 (by far the most winning season I've had).


This took us to Sectionals here in Houston where we went 3-3 and earned a spot in Nationals, our main objective for the season. This forced us to set new goals, new challenges, and we all knew at that moment we wanted a championship. The TIRR Texans were seeded 4th for DII nationals and 12th overall, so we knew we had to prove ourselves.


Our first game was vs the Carolina Crash from Charlotte, NC. The pressures of the big stage disrupted the smoothly running machine we had during the season and caught us off guard. Even though we perhaps played the sloppiest game of our season, we only fell to the Crash by 2 points, 45-47. Starting off with a deficit was a horrible way to enter nationals and it was as much a mental battle as a physical one to prep for our next game.


The second game of the day had us facing the Indy Brawlers from Indianapolis. We knew we had to play as a team to right our ship, still with a championship trophy in mind. All on the same page, we played with a resilience that I've never been a part of before. Every part of our game was crisp and the end result showed it, as we beat Indy 51-40 to get our first win and finish the day 1-1. It wasn't the first day we wanted, but it still kept us in the competition for 1st.


Day 2 brought us up against familiar foes as up first we met the Tucson Roadrunners. We played Tucson twice only 3 weeks ago at Sectionals where they first beat us by 6 and then only by 1. We had developed a game plan to win in that second game, but just couldn't implement it in time, now we knew what to do. The TIRR Texans and I focused on our game and our individual tasks to ensure a victory, and when we absolutely needed to, we took them down 48-41. Now with our record for the weekend 2-1, it forced a 3 way tie in our pool (Tucson and Carolina also were 2-1). The tie was broken using the head-to-head match-ups of the teams as well as point differential in the scores, leading to the Texans being first in our pool, followed by Tucson and then Charlotte, with Indy in 4th. Even with the loss on Saturday, we were still in a position to win everything, something we didn't think was possible.


Later that day brought the crossover game against another foe we faced earlier in the season, the Nor Cal Quakes. We had met the Quakes 2 times previously this season in tournament championship games, and they bested us both times. If there was ever a moment to overcome a seemingly impossible obstacle, this was that moment. We had to overcome the past and overcome anything else that stood in our way to win the game. That's exactly what we did. We had never played a better game before this. Everyone was calm, everyone was focused, and everyone gave 100% for the whole 32 minutes. Despite everyone's preconceived notions of how they thought the game would go, we emerged victorious, taking down the Quakes 54-43.


Winning the crossover got us to where we only dreamed of getting, to the championship game. In my 9 year career in the sport, this was my first chance to play for the title, it was an awe inspiring moment that I won't forget. Sunday, at 12:15 EST on March 23, 2014 we were set to play for the Division 2 National Championship versus the San Diego Sharp Edge.


We all did our pre-game rituals as close to normal as possible, trying to treat it as any other game we've played in, but you could feel the tension. Every one of us felt the gravity of the situation and we could feel the energy around us. We went on stage and warmed up as normal, then it became real. We huddled as a team to prep for the moment, to take in our surroundings and mentally prepare ourselves. As begins almost all great sports moments, the National Anthem was sung, further enhancing the nerves and butterflies within all of us. Then each member of the team was announced and each of us went to shake the hands of the officiating crew and then the opposing head coach. Now was the time, all that we had worked for this season, all of the practices, all of the training, exercising, preparation, came to this. It was game time.


The TIRR Texans and I had played Sharp once before this season. They weren't quite full strength, but were still tough as we edged them out by I believe 6 points. This would not be the same situation, they were full strength and wanted to seize the championship every bit as much as we did. The tip off happened and then it's mostly all a blur to me. There were ups and downs and neither team, at any point, had a clear advantage. It was hard hitting, evenly matched and an amazing game to be a part of. It was a battle every second of every quarter and after 32 was a tie. This forced the only overtime of the weekend. We would have 3 more minutes to find out who would prevail. The overtime tip off went to Sharp as they scored the goal to put us at a 1 point deficit to start. For those 3 minutes we fought as hard as we could and left everything on the court. A missed pass with 16 seconds left on the clock would seal our fate as we fell to Sharp 51-50 in overtime. It was an amazing game and I am proud to have been a part of it.


The TIRR Texans and I would finish the tournament 3-2, taking our post season record to 6-5 and our overall record to 29-8. We are now ranked 2nd in Division 2 and 10th overall in the nation. This was the best season I've ever had and it is all due to my team, the coaches, staff and fans. I thank you all for your support and encouragement over the year and look forward to all of our accomplishments next season.

The Texans Qualify for Nationals

Posted by Eric Ingram on March 3, 2014 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (3)

This past weekend, the TIRR Texans and I competed in the Mountain Sectional tournament, which is the qualifier for Nationals.


The Friday was full of successes, defeating the Denver Harlequins and the University of Arizona Wildcats. Saturday morning rounded out our pool play as we played a close 3 and a half quarters vs the Tucson Roadrunners, but ultimately fell short by 7 points.


Following that game, we had our first crossover against the San Antonio Steele. We had contribution from everyone on our squad as we pulled ahead for the victory. Our next crossover wouldn't be as good to us, as we played the eventual champion, the Phoenix Heat. In what could be politely referred to as a beating, we were unable to secure the win. We finished Saturday 3-2 but had a rematch the next day against the Tucson Roadrunners for 3rd place.


We went into our 2nd game versus Tucson with a more solid game plan and a strategy to win. It was a tight game the entire time, and after the end of the 3rd quarter, we found ourselves down by 4. In what could be described as a group heroic effort, we were able to force turnovers late in the game to get us to only a one point deficit. Unfortunately, the Tucson squad's (which featured 3 current/former members of Team USA) experience prevailed and they got the win by only 1 point.


The good news is that we qualified for the USQRA National Championship Tournament happening March 20-23 in Louisville, KY where hopefully we get another rematch against Tucson and get the victory when it really counts.


(The TIRR Texans are now 26-6 overall this season with 23-3 in the regular season and 3-3 in the postseason)

From Boise to Bham to Bham

Posted by Eric Ingram on December 4, 2013 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (8)

WARNING: Long post ahead. I apologize.

     November has been a crazy month, featuring a lot of rugby and a lot of exciting things to tell you all about. The month started out with travel to something not rugby related (which almost never happens). I went to Phoenix, AZ for the SpaceVision 2013 conference, hosted by the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) organization. I got to nerd out for 4 straight days and get all the space excitement and networking that I could handle.

     The next following weekend, it was back to business. The TIRR Texans and I were on the road for this one, competing in the Boise Bash. An early morning flight took us to our layover in Las Vegas (not that that's a bad thing) where we fueled up on some airport delicacies and enjoyed a little time on the slot machines right near our gate. Fueled and energized on the next leg, we attempted to make friends with anyone on our flight that would talk to us, and I'm fairly sure the flight attendants enjoyed our banter.

     The tournament featured a lot of mid to high level D2 teams, mostly from the west coast (and most of them I had never played before).  Our first opponent was the host team, the Boise Bombers. They are fairly new and inexperienced, and as such, we were able to best them fairly easily. I will say though they improved greatly over the course of the weekend, and I look forward to reading about their successes in the sport. Our next game was against a Californian team, the Northridge Knights. They put up a good fight against us early on, but our depth won the fight as we ended up pulling ahead a good deal in the second half.  The last game of the first day was against the Portland Pounders. The 2013 D1 National Champions weren't nearly as strong as they were last year, since they lost almost all of their starters. They fought hard, but ultimately came up short against us as we finished a majorly exhausting day 3-0.

     The second day of the tournament would be much more competitive than the day before. Our first opponent of the day was the Utah Scorpions in the crossover game. They are a solid D2 team which won the national championship a few years ago, so we knew not to take them lightly. They brought speed, good defense and solid team work to the court. The first half was close, as they battled us point for point, but in the second half, their fatigue started to show it's ugly face. Once they started getting tired, we began to pull ahead and get the win. This qualified us for the 1st place game, vs another team from California, the Nor Cal Quake, with only an hour and a half to rest.

     I had never seen the Quake play before, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I did know they had two things on their side, a deeper bench and a former Team USA coach. We came out sloppy in the first quarter, and turned the ball over way more than we should and found ourselves down by quite a bit very quickly. This pushed us and put a fire in our belly to do better. We put everything we had on that court and closed their lead as best we could, but unfortunately fell short. We lost the game, but got 2nd place at the tournament, not too bad if you ask me. Here's the scores from the games:

TIRR Texans vs Boise Bombers        52-22

TIRR Texans vs Northridge Knights    52-38

TIRR Texans vs Portland Pounders    42-24

TIRR Texans vs Utah Scorpions        51-30

TIRR Texans vs Nor Cal Quake        38-44

     Now as exciting as that tournament was, that was not the end of rugby for the month. The very next weekend I had my first Team Force training camp back at my second home, the Lakeshore facility, in Birmingham, AL. It was amazing to see how well we worked together, even though it was the first time really for most of us. Some lines clicked, some didn't and we got to get a feel for what lines the coaches might run and how the coaches liked to do things. The weekend also gave us time to bond as a team off the court, we all got to interact with one another and figure out which of our teammates were better choices to joke around with (an important social decision, obviously). On the court, we were all focused on what we were there to do. This is our only training camp before our first tournament, the Knock and Roll in January, so we needed to become a team as rapidly as possible. I think we accomplished that quite well.

     We got to test our “togetherness” vs the local team, the Lakeshore Demolition, during our final evening session of the camp. Featuring a Paralympic starting lineup of Bryan Kirkland (2.0; former long time Team USA member), Eddie Crouch (easily still one of the best 0.5's in the world, although now he's a 0.0), Bob Lujano (2.0, another former long time Team USA member you might recognize from “Murderball”), and the always destructive Joel Wilmoth (3.5; I'm almost certain he can flip people over by just looking at them). Needless to say, we had our work cut out for us, and I don't want to sugar-coat things, we lost. Both games. But what we did do was play as a team and grow as a team, which was the main point of the camp. I think we'll be ready for the Knock and Roll.

Team Force (Blue) vs the Lakeshore Demolition (White)

     Following the camp, I got the rare chance to rest. But that's not all I got. Checking my email revealed that I got invited to try out for Team USA, which is exciting, but it was only 2 weeks from then! Which is actually now tomorrow, crazy how time flies. It is a great honor to be able to attend and I am in the best shape of my life. I really feel as though the stars are aligning and my chance is now. I'm going to work hard, and do my best, and whatever happens, happens. That is basically all I can do. Hopefully I am what the coaches are looking for. We shall see. But enough of the postulating.

     Following the tryouts I will actually get a sizable amount of time home and to rest. I am sure my fiance will be happy I am not traveling for a while (and I will be too).

     I'm pretty sure that's all for now. If you've made it this far, I applaud you, I probably probably wouldn't have. Actually, this is probably the longest thing I've written since I was in college. I'm happy you took part in this written achievement of mine and look out for some more (short) blog posts soon about updates and upcoming tournaments.

Until next time,


Eric Makes Team Force

Posted by Eric Ingram on November 4, 2013 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (104)

     Sorry for the delayed post on this, but I am happy to announce that I have been selected to be on the 2013-2015 Team Force. This team serves as the developmental farm team for Team USA Wheelchair Rugby.

     It was a tough tryout that saw all of us working as hard as we possibly could. The first day I felt was the hardest. In the morning we worked on our timed and skill drills. These included full court sprints, chair skills (like weaving through cones as fast as possible) and passing drills that measured our accuracy. I can safely say that we all left this session exhausted and concerned about where we stood in comparison to each other. The second session was the start of our scrimmaging and “meat grinders”  (Meat grinders features three teams of four on the court at one time, the team with the ball goes against one team and they play the point out on half of the court. Once the point is scored [or there's a turnover] the team in possession of the ball then plays against the third team on their half of the court, and this goes back and forth.). Everyone seemed a bit rusty, and it took a little while to get groups running smoothly. After this we had dinner, where I'm sure I ate more than I ate the previous 2 weeks. The third and final session of the day was similar to the second, with scrimmaging and meat grinders, for several hours until we were all sufficiently worn out.

     On day 2, everyone was feeling the effects of the previous day, but we also had intense focus on what needed to be done. As the day progressed and we went through our three sessions, the ranks slowly began to thin as one-by-one, players were given the unfortunate news. The end of the day was more somber than the first, but those of us left felt the excitement of being closer to the final decision the very next day.

     Saturday, the 3rd and final day of the tryout, featured only one session. You could tell the selection committee was incredibly focused on choosing the right squad, and those on the fence saw a great deal of playing time. Everyone fought as hard as they could, because they knew what lay ahead right after the session. Quicker than many had hoped, the first, and last session of the day was complete. All we had to do now was wait for the selection committee to make the official announcement.

     In about a half hour, they called the group into the conference room. It was amazingly quiet, we all had nervous anticipation as the coaching staff began to talk. I'm sure I was not the only one holding my breath as they began calling out those who made the team in alphabetic order:

2.0 - Ronnie Adams, Brooks Bandits

3.0 - Clayton Brackett, Lakeshore Demolition

2.0 - Cj Brown, Texas Stampede

1.5 - Kevin Crombie, Indy Brawlers

1.0 - Lee Fredette, NY Warriors

1.0 - Nate Harmon, Shepherd Smash

2.0 - Eric Ingram, TIRR Texans

2.0 - Talbot Kennedy, Shepherd Smash

2.5 - Cody Kingsland, Brooks Bandits

3.0 - Ryan Kress, Tampa Generals

1.5 - Josh O’Neill, Brooks Bandits

2.5 - Brandon Summerville, Indy Brawlers

as well as the alternates:

3.0 - Mason Symons, Texas Stampede

2.0 - Joe Testaverde, NY Warriors

1.0 - Tim Vixay, Las Vegas Renegades

Picture of the team at the announcement. From the USQRA.

(As you can see, one of my new teammates is actually an old one. Kevin and I were two of the founding members of our old team, the East Coast Cripplers, back in Virginia. He and I played together for 6 years and it will be exciting to be able to compete with him again.)

     I'm proud to have made the team and to be able to represent the country and be able to help keep the US in the number one spot. Congratulations to my new fellow teammates, I'm sure it will be a great two years and an amazing opportunity to build ourselves up as individual athletes and as a team.

     Our first training camp is only a few weeks away back at the Lakeshore campus in Birmingham, Al.

Until next time,


Team Force Tryouts Tomorrow

Posted by Eric Ingram on October 22, 2013 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (2)

     Well everyone, the time is finally upon me, after months of preparation and even longer years of anticipation, I leave for Team Force tryouts tomorrow.

     I have been preparing both physically and mentally for what I know will be an intense experience. I have been honing my skills on the court and I've been hitting the gym to build my strength and endurance. Off the court, I've been studying plays, studying the rule book (and the referees' casebook) and preparing my mental state for the trip. I even spent several hours creating a player-by-player analysis of all 31 that were invited to the tryouts in order to size up my competition. Two other members of the Texans will be going to tryouts as well and we've all been working towards bettering ourselves as athletes and preparing for the competition.

     I'm going into the tryouts with, what I guess I would call, cautious optimism. I am confident in my skills and abilities and I hope those will see me through to a successful end of the tryouts on Saturday.

     Outside of all of the tryout hubbub, I've been just enjoying my new life here in Houston. I've been practicing with the Texans in preparation for our next tournament in Boise, just three weeks after tryouts which should be a fun time (more information about that as we get closer). I've also recently started playing wheelchair tennis (again), I used to play when I was in high school, but until recently hadn't seriously been back on the court, who knows where that will take me, but I'll stick to aggressively competing in only one sport for now.

     My apologies if this seems a bit scatter-brained, this close to an important event such as tryouts, almost all I can think of is rugby and I'm actually fairly surprised I could even put this good of a post together (of course a loose definition of “good” is needed).

So hopefully I can report back soon with some good news,


The Texans Look Good at the Start of the Season

Posted by Eric Ingram on October 9, 2013 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello all,


     Well this past weekend was my first tournament of the season, the Metal & Muscle Expo, with my new team the TIRR Texans. Going into this, we felt good, but really had no clue how well we'd all work together and how we would do as a whole. In the weeks leading up to the tournament we had many intense practices trying out different lines and figuring out how best to put the pieces of the puzzle together.



     Our first game of the tournament was against the Brooks Bandits from Jacksonville, Fl. I think we were all a bit nervous as we went into the game (especially me since I hadn't played in a tournament since last December) and it definitely showed in the first quarter. We just couldn't seem to make good passes or set up our defensive plays. The frustration worked its way into our minds and plagued us nearly all of the quarter. We barely escaped the quarter with the lead and I believe we were ahead by just a point. Early into the second quarter we changed the lines up a bit and quickly found our groove. Once we got the hang of our new lines and teammates we quickly added points to our lead and pulled away from the ever improving Bandits. We won the hard fought game 50-38.


     With only an hour and a half to rest, we had to prepare for a back-to-back against first, who I learned was our toughest rivalry, the Texas Stampede from Austin and immediately following that, versus the Shepherd Smash from Atlanta.


     After cleaning up our sloppiness that was our first quarter against the Bandits, we came into the game against the Stampede, playing smooth and with distinct purpose. Until that game, I was unsure of the history between these two teams, but I quickly learned the overall consensus on our bench was that anything less than a dominating victory was unacceptable. I rapidly got on board with this mentality and we went to work. This was probably the best game we played all weekend, everything seemed to be going our way and after 4 quarters of intense action, we left the court with a very satisfying 57-33 victory.



     We rode the high of the victory against the Stampede directly into the game against the toughest team by far at the tournament, the Shepherd Smash. The Smash outmatched us on nearly every aspect of our game, and although we fought hard, they began to rapidly pull away from us half way through the second quarter. Realizing where the game was going, we put in a few other lines and gave nearly everyone some playing time and suffered our first loss of the tournament 37-51 at the hands of the Shepherd Smash. This concluded day one and although it didn't go as well as we'd hoped, we were quite happy to escape the day 2-1.


     Saturday gave us another back-to-back set of games versus the Denver Harlequins and the San Antonio Steel. Luckily we actually had a photographer to capture the action that day.



     First of this set was against the Denver Harlequins. Although they didn't have the strength of previous years, they did prove to be a tough opponent. After the first half, however, our depth proved to outmatch theirs as we began to build our lead. We then put in a few different lines to give some experience to newer players and got our third victory of the weekend, 48-23.



     And just like the previous day's games, we had to endure the challenges of no rest between these games as we got ready for our next opponent, the San Antonio Steel. Featuring their two dominant and experienced high pointers, Juan and Gil, they came out of the gate tough and made us work hard for every point.  They put up a hard battle, but our speed and endurance proved to outmatch theirs as we pulled ahead for our fourth victory, 55-42, ending our day with a record of 4-1.


     Our final day of the tournament only featured one game, against the North Texas Cowboys from Dallas. They are a fairly new team, who hasn't quite found their groove yet. We let everyone get some game time in and comfortably made it out with a 51-25 victory, bringing our record to a very respectable 5-1.


     The Metal & Muscle showed that we worked well together and that the puzzle pieces were fitting together in some good ways. Things went much more smoothly than I thought they would and it felt good to get back to competitive rugby and to be as dominating as I could. There wasn't an All Tournament team for this one, but had there been, I suspect there would've been a few TIRR Texans listed. Our next tournament is in November in Boise, Idaho, so we've got some time to get back to training and continue to polish our game as a team. Below are the full scores and results from the tournament.

Friday, October 4th

Shepherd 54 Denver 28

TIRR 50 Brooks 38

Stampede 59 San Antonio 58

Denver 43 North Texas 38

Shepherd 53 Brooks 26

Stampede 33 TIRR 57

Brooks 43 North Texas 35

Shepherd 51 TIRR 37

Stampede 56 North Texas 40

Denver 36 San Antonio 45


Saturday, October 5th

North Texas 34 San Antonio 55

Stampede 48 Brooks 49

TIRR 48 Denver 23

Stampede 35 Shepherd 56

TIRR 55 San Antonio 42

Denver 26 Brooks 40

Shepherd 55 North Texas 27


Sunday, October 6th

Stampede 58 Denver 31

Brooks 45 San Antonio 54

TIRR 51 North Texas 25

Shepherd 61 San Antonio 38


Final Standings

1. Shepherd Smash 6-0

2. TIRR Texans 5-1

3. San Antonio Steele 3-3 (292 points scored)

4. Texas Stampede 3-3 (289 points scored)

5. Brooks Bandits 3-3 (241 points scored)

6. Denver Harlequins 1-5

7. North Texas Cowboys 0-5



Until next time,





The 2013-2014 Season Begins

Posted by Eric Ingram on October 2, 2013 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (6)

    The first tournament of the season is coming soon, like real soon, specifically it starts Friday. The season for me will kick off this upcoming weekend right here in Houston at the Metal and Muscle Expo.


    This will be the first tournament I’ll compete in with my new team, the TIRR Texans and will feature some tough competition. The teams at the tournament, besides my own will be the Texas Stampede from Austin, the Shepherd Smash from Atlanta, the Denver Harlequins, the Brooks Bandits from Jacksonville, the North Texas Cowboys from Dallas and the San Antonio Steel.


    Here’s the schedule:



    And a link to the tournament's page on the official Quad Rugby calendar is here.

    This will certainly be a test to see both how well my training has done for me and how our team is meshing. It will be a new experience for all of us as we try to adjust to our new lines and the new style of play that accompanies those changes.


    It will be a nice chance for me to shake off the competitive rust that I’ve built up. I haven’t actually competed in a tournament since December of 2012, so it will be awesome to get back on the court and beat up on some people in wheelchairs.


    So look out for my next post which should give a nice summary of the tournament, and if you want the most up-to-date info, be sure to follow me on twitter @Eric_Ingram.



An Invitation

Posted by Eric Ingram on September 3, 2013 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (3)

Hello All,

    I guess I couldn’t keep up with the pace I set on my last few posts and as such, haven’t been as consistent as I would’ve hoped. All apologies aside, I do have some big news to present.

    The other day I received an invitation to try out for Team Force, which is the U.S. Developmental Quad Rugby team, essentially the farm team for Team USA. I previously served on Team Force from 2009-2011 (the team originally allowed you to serve a single two-year term, but they have relaxed the rules and have invited me back to try out), and while on the team, competed in two international tournaments (in Brazil and Mexico) and also competed in several elite level domestic tournaments.

    The tryouts are scheduled for October 23-26 of this year at the Lakeshore facility in Birmingham, Al where I spent many exhausting days the last time I was on Team Force. You can find the full list of those invited on this official USQRA publication here.

    Potentially getting a spot on the new Team Force would be huge for my quad rugby career. This will give me more exposure to the Team USA program (and potentially some tryout invites for that) as well as help me to develop and hone my skills as well as get more international exposure.

    As exciting as all that may be (and I don’t want to make it sound as though I am counting my chickens before they hatch) there are some burdens that will come along with making the team, if I even do. The team is self-funded, meaning that the expenses for the tryouts, training camps, tournaments and travel to all of those things fall squarely on the athlete’s shoulders. As beneficial as being on the team may be, reality will be present and will be a constant thought in the back of my mind as to whether or not I’ll be able to financially afford to be at this elite level.

    Forget all that potentially sad stuff for now; I will cross that bridge when/if I get to it. There’s less than two months to prepare and I need to get to it, so that’s all for now,




UH Rugby Clinic

Posted by Eric Ingram on June 22, 2013 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey everyone,

     I know, two posts in one month, that’s crazy. The reason for that is I’m really trying to use this platform more frequently to keep those who follow my quad rugby career better informed. But, alas, we stray from the topic at hand.

    This past weekend I attended a quad rugby clinic at the University of Houston hosted by Adaptive Athletics at UH, an amazing group trying so start up a disabled sports program at the University (including a quad rugby team, check out their website here ). which is big, because we need more collegiate adaptive sports programs. If they had a program at ODU, I would’ve been all over that.

    The clinic went really well, as it was coached by two seasoned Team USA members, Jason Regier and Chuck Aoki. They brought their experience and intensity to the table and definitely kicked all of us into shape. This was the most intense rugby I had played in months. The camp was four days long and I stayed in the campus dorms (cue horrible flashback to my college experience) and it really covered every aspect of rugby. For the new guys, it was probably information overload (in a good way) and for the veterans it was absolutely a nice refresher course.

    Also, the Adaptive Athletics at UH team must have amazing PR people, because it seemed like every news outlet in Houston showed up to find out what this crazy wheelchair rugby thing was about. Which brings me to my next point, click the link below and you may see someone familiar in a news interview, just saying,

That’s all I’ve got for now, who knows, maybe I’ll post a third time this month!