The Texans Look Good at the Start of the Season

Posted by Eric Ingram on October 9, 2013 at 2:10 PM

Hello all,


     Well this past weekend was my first tournament of the season, the Metal & Muscle Expo, with my new team the TIRR Texans. Going into this, we felt good, but really had no clue how well we'd all work together and how we would do as a whole. In the weeks leading up to the tournament we had many intense practices trying out different lines and figuring out how best to put the pieces of the puzzle together.



     Our first game of the tournament was against the Brooks Bandits from Jacksonville, Fl. I think we were all a bit nervous as we went into the game (especially me since I hadn't played in a tournament since last December) and it definitely showed in the first quarter. We just couldn't seem to make good passes or set up our defensive plays. The frustration worked its way into our minds and plagued us nearly all of the quarter. We barely escaped the quarter with the lead and I believe we were ahead by just a point. Early into the second quarter we changed the lines up a bit and quickly found our groove. Once we got the hang of our new lines and teammates we quickly added points to our lead and pulled away from the ever improving Bandits. We won the hard fought game 50-38.


     With only an hour and a half to rest, we had to prepare for a back-to-back against first, who I learned was our toughest rivalry, the Texas Stampede from Austin and immediately following that, versus the Shepherd Smash from Atlanta.


     After cleaning up our sloppiness that was our first quarter against the Bandits, we came into the game against the Stampede, playing smooth and with distinct purpose. Until that game, I was unsure of the history between these two teams, but I quickly learned the overall consensus on our bench was that anything less than a dominating victory was unacceptable. I rapidly got on board with this mentality and we went to work. This was probably the best game we played all weekend, everything seemed to be going our way and after 4 quarters of intense action, we left the court with a very satisfying 57-33 victory.



     We rode the high of the victory against the Stampede directly into the game against the toughest team by far at the tournament, the Shepherd Smash. The Smash outmatched us on nearly every aspect of our game, and although we fought hard, they began to rapidly pull away from us half way through the second quarter. Realizing where the game was going, we put in a few other lines and gave nearly everyone some playing time and suffered our first loss of the tournament 37-51 at the hands of the Shepherd Smash. This concluded day one and although it didn't go as well as we'd hoped, we were quite happy to escape the day 2-1.


     Saturday gave us another back-to-back set of games versus the Denver Harlequins and the San Antonio Steel. Luckily we actually had a photographer to capture the action that day.



     First of this set was against the Denver Harlequins. Although they didn't have the strength of previous years, they did prove to be a tough opponent. After the first half, however, our depth proved to outmatch theirs as we began to build our lead. We then put in a few different lines to give some experience to newer players and got our third victory of the weekend, 48-23.



     And just like the previous day's games, we had to endure the challenges of no rest between these games as we got ready for our next opponent, the San Antonio Steel. Featuring their two dominant and experienced high pointers, Juan and Gil, they came out of the gate tough and made us work hard for every point.  They put up a hard battle, but our speed and endurance proved to outmatch theirs as we pulled ahead for our fourth victory, 55-42, ending our day with a record of 4-1.


     Our final day of the tournament only featured one game, against the North Texas Cowboys from Dallas. They are a fairly new team, who hasn't quite found their groove yet. We let everyone get some game time in and comfortably made it out with a 51-25 victory, bringing our record to a very respectable 5-1.


     The Metal & Muscle showed that we worked well together and that the puzzle pieces were fitting together in some good ways. Things went much more smoothly than I thought they would and it felt good to get back to competitive rugby and to be as dominating as I could. There wasn't an All Tournament team for this one, but had there been, I suspect there would've been a few TIRR Texans listed. Our next tournament is in November in Boise, Idaho, so we've got some time to get back to training and continue to polish our game as a team. Below are the full scores and results from the tournament.

Friday, October 4th

Shepherd 54 Denver 28

TIRR 50 Brooks 38

Stampede 59 San Antonio 58

Denver 43 North Texas 38

Shepherd 53 Brooks 26

Stampede 33 TIRR 57

Brooks 43 North Texas 35

Shepherd 51 TIRR 37

Stampede 56 North Texas 40

Denver 36 San Antonio 45


Saturday, October 5th

North Texas 34 San Antonio 55

Stampede 48 Brooks 49

TIRR 48 Denver 23

Stampede 35 Shepherd 56

TIRR 55 San Antonio 42

Denver 26 Brooks 40

Shepherd 55 North Texas 27


Sunday, October 6th

Stampede 58 Denver 31

Brooks 45 San Antonio 54

TIRR 51 North Texas 25

Shepherd 61 San Antonio 38


Final Standings

1. Shepherd Smash 6-0

2. TIRR Texans 5-1

3. San Antonio Steele 3-3 (292 points scored)

4. Texas Stampede 3-3 (289 points scored)

5. Brooks Bandits 3-3 (241 points scored)

6. Denver Harlequins 1-5

7. North Texas Cowboys 0-5



Until next time,





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