Team Force Tryouts Tomorrow

Posted by Eric Ingram on October 22, 2013 at 4:35 PM

     Well everyone, the time is finally upon me, after months of preparation and even longer years of anticipation, I leave for Team Force tryouts tomorrow.

     I have been preparing both physically and mentally for what I know will be an intense experience. I have been honing my skills on the court and I've been hitting the gym to build my strength and endurance. Off the court, I've been studying plays, studying the rule book (and the referees' casebook) and preparing my mental state for the trip. I even spent several hours creating a player-by-player analysis of all 31 that were invited to the tryouts in order to size up my competition. Two other members of the Texans will be going to tryouts as well and we've all been working towards bettering ourselves as athletes and preparing for the competition.

     I'm going into the tryouts with, what I guess I would call, cautious optimism. I am confident in my skills and abilities and I hope those will see me through to a successful end of the tryouts on Saturday.

     Outside of all of the tryout hubbub, I've been just enjoying my new life here in Houston. I've been practicing with the Texans in preparation for our next tournament in Boise, just three weeks after tryouts which should be a fun time (more information about that as we get closer). I've also recently started playing wheelchair tennis (again), I used to play when I was in high school, but until recently hadn't seriously been back on the court, who knows where that will take me, but I'll stick to aggressively competing in only one sport for now.

     My apologies if this seems a bit scatter-brained, this close to an important event such as tryouts, almost all I can think of is rugby and I'm actually fairly surprised I could even put this good of a post together (of course a loose definition of “good” is needed).

So hopefully I can report back soon with some good news,


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